Focus of the 8th NRW Nano Conference 2018


For the first time in its history, the 8th NRW Nano Conference is open to contributions to the “Call for Presentations” from the complete field of nanotechnology. Taking all contributions into account, conference sessions will be formed according to the thus indicated major fields of interest.

National and international top-class speakers will again form highlights of the conference, while for the second time the “Call for Posters” will give interested persons who are enthusiastic about future technologies and new insights of nanotechnology, especially young academics, the chance to present their projects and ideas at the event.

Examples for possible main topics for the conference are described in the following and are hopefully helpful to give you a hint for the scope of the conference.


Health & Medicine

Demographic development is a major challenge for the health sector. Innovative, nanotechnology-based approaches in regenerative medicine and diagnostic analysis form the basis of future individual therapies. In the field of pharmacy, nanotechnological applications have become increasingly important in the field of drug design and delivery. Medical technology and medical products offer a wide range of optimized procedures based on nanotechnology to maintain and promote health. Thus, nano medicine, nano medical technology and nano health might be the topic for one session.


Electronics & Optoelectronics

Information and communication technologies have become a decisive factor for industry and the society as a whole. The continuing process of miniaturization as described by Moore’s Law has come close to its physical limits. New concepts of nano electronics have to follow a “More than Moore” strategy to open up innovative solutions for entirely new system architectures as well as quantum information technology. In contrast, many products of organic electronics have already found their way into everyday life. Nanotechnology and its applications in electronics and optoelectronics are a possible theme for another session.


Energy Efficiency

Efficient use, conversion, transmission and storage of energy are crucial to enable a long-term breakthrough of renewable energy sources. But also the conventional energy supply benefits from numerous research approaches of nanotechnology. Furthermore, lightweight design and nanotechnological innovations in construction industry improve efficient use of energy. This and much more about nano energy could be the focus of a further session.


Characterization & Simulation: Enablers for Nanotechnology and Materials

Characterization techniques used on nanomaterials and nanostructures allow for understanding the way atoms and molecules are arranged. This knowledge as well as simulation tools for multi-scale materials modelling of the composition and characteristics of a material can be used to assess the value of a material for distinct applications. Characterization and simulation techniques as well as innovations in their theories and backgrounds might form another session.


Regulations, Safety & Societal Acceptance

Every new technology involves new challenges for mankind and the environment. Risks and hazards must be analyzed and socially relevant issues have to be considered adequately. The industrial use of nanomaterials requires an analysis of potential risks related to workplace, end users and the environment. For this reason, a number of projects in industry and universities are relating to safe handling and regulations of nanotechnology. The results of these projects and societal acceptance are a major research field and thus might also be basis for a session.



The call for presentations for the 8th NRW Nano Conference is open to all submissions from the field of nanotechnology. If you want to present your ideas, your research or your projects at the conference, feel free to sort them into one of the above described exemplary topics. However, topics will be formed in accordance with all submitted presentations, so that you are encouraged to submit your contribution and mark it as “miscellaneous” if these exemplary topics do not fit to your submission. We will evaluate all submission equally and try to consider them for the conference if appropriate and possible.



A short while ago, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia has initiated a new programme to drastically increase the number of company foundations: Innovative start-ups are attracted to NRW by first-stop-shops giving exhausting advice on the foundation process and the whole registration process is digitalized and thereby sped up. In this session, tailor-made advice and best practice examples on how to start a successful company based on a business idea from the field of key enabling technologies will be presented.
This topic is not open to the “classical” call for presentations or posters, but part of the supporting programme. We welcome you to contact us personally about your participation in this session: Sybille Niemeier.

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