The City of Dortmund



Well, we all know about the football and beer, and the coal and steel. But what about structural change – is that even finished yet? The people are supposed to be pretty diverse and have that famous Ruhr Region charm but are there any green spaces between all those streets and buildings? What can people do if they come to visit? Are there any museums, theatres, music venues or interesting places for a bit of sightseeing? Any attractive shopping centres, cafés or restaurants? I mean – is Dortmund a good place for a city break?

Be honest! Maybe some of those questions really did occur to you! Our answer is simple. Come on over and find out. You’re sure to like it here. Because Dortmund has everything you need for a great city break – fascinating museums, impressive industrial heritage, a wide range of cuisine, show stopping shopping centres and of course, lots of football. You can also enjoy switching off and relaxing – nearly half of the city consists of parks, woods, gardens and fields. Or come and get a feel for the vibrant city nightlife.

Come and find out for yourself!

(© Dortmund-Agentur)

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